DVI to HDMI Adaptor


DVI to HDMI Adapters are ideal for computers or older DVD players and set top boxes. Allowing a DVI controller to a HDMI display device. Utilized for connecting a unit with a DVI connector to HDMI equipped HDTV’s, or a device with an HDMI output to a DVI equipped HDTV. The adapters are HDCP Copy Protection Compliant so it will pass an encrypted high definition 720p / 1080i signal. The DVI to HDMI Adaptor will also support up to a 1080p signal.

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  • DVI controller to a HDMI Display device
  • DVI Connector to HDMI equipped HDTV’s
  • HDMI Output to a DVI
  • High definition 720p / 1080i signal
  • DVI to HDMI adaptor support up to a 1080p signal.


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